Instruction Piece


Performance and vinyl text.
About Now” Perla Mode, Zürich CH, 2009.

Conceived for an exhibition around the theme of instant photography, my contribution was announced as an instruction piece in which I would not be present for the installation of the text, which would be carried out at the opening by the installers. The installers would try to guess my instruction from a disorder of syllables in a package sent to the gallery weeks earlier. However, as they began to open the package holding the text, I ran into the gallery from outside, interrupting the process, and gave a short spontaneous speech about why I changed my mind, and why it was important to come up with a more meaningful statement. After deciding on a statement to be placed on the window (“handle with care”) the package was then opened, revealing that my speech had been a script.

Top: interrupting the installers; ↑L: the installers opening the package; ↑R: re-reading the script after its revelation; ↓L: installing the decided text on the window; ↓R: the text as it remained on the window.

Above: the installation resulting from the performance. Below: the script.