Infinite Cruelty, for nothing


password: credit check

The video Infinite Cruelty, for nothing (2016, 33 minutes) documents a series of incidents in which credit cards obtained in the name of Michael Eddy are abused according to classic torture methods. It is a snuff film for that which cannot die. Dialogues between the torturer and the credit card companies’ customer service representatives annotate inadvertent existential questions raised in the victimization of the credit cards.

First presented in the 2-person exhibition “KICK OUT THE JAM$, MOTH€RFUCK€R$!” (with Alessanro Rolandi) at Nowhere Gallery (Milan, IT) in 2016, and in the screening series “Stranded at Schwimmen-zwei-Vögel” at MUMOK (Vienna, AT), in 2017.

It was also screened in 2017 in Gatineau and in Saint-Jérôme, Québec (see this post).
A version with French subtitles is available here: (password: credit check)