In collaboration with Erik Blinderman.
Performance, installation and photography.
Oppenheimer Space, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2008.

View of Doppelgäng installed on the back of Oppenheimer Space.

This piece consisted of an installation, a performance and resulting photograph made in collaboration with Erik Blinderman. A small gallery space was doubled in black vinyl at its rear, accessed by installing Erik’s piece Speakeasy modified with a peep-hole fitted with a lens. This effectively turned the black double into a ‘camera obscura’ in which life size photographs (1m x 2m) of the original gallery space were exposed and immediately developed. The performance included an announcement, the photo shoot, and the development, which lasted 2 hours.

Post-performance view of Doppelgäng showing the resulting photographs.

Inverted images of the resulting photographs.

Views of the original photograph (left) and its double (right) rephotographed by setting up the Dopplegäng as a “studio camera.”